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To: Bournemouth council

Stop PSPO's. Stop Persecuting Art & Exercise in Bournemouth town centre

Stop PSPO's. Stop Persecuting Art & Exercise in Bournemouth town centre

The purpose of this petition is to stop PSPO's being implemented in Bournemouth town centre pertaining to skateboarding and busking; and to have Bournemouth borough council directly ask the art and skating communities what they think and want.

Why is this important?

Bournemouth council is asking if we want a public space protection order (PSPO) for Bournemouth town centre. This will stop anyone over the age of 16 from skate boarding, Singing, Playing any music, expressing outdoor art including street artists, performers and statue work.

The voice of the young and progressive individuals in Bournemouth is underrepresented because they often don't notice these types of policies until it's too late. The council have a moral responsibility to ask them directly what they want.

We strongly feel that persecuting the arts and exercise will lead to less interesting town and a decrease in public health. As a community we enjoy watching them, they inspire us. Criminalising them is absurd, sports and arts should be held up as ways to maintain our mental a physical health. We would like to see more kids exercising more often in our public space they are the public too. We expect that busking only creates more tourism for Bournemouth at no cost to the council.

We recommend that the council look at Winchesters busking policies and model yours on theirs which are very successful and well known. They should have free reign of where they can play within the town centre provided there is foot traffic and they are kept away from static pedestrians e.g. cafe patrons where business might be affected.

The skateboarders should be provided with better faculties (skate parks) or a designated area with simple elegant obstacles like rails and modern concrete blocks, instead of spending money on making rails and benches skate proof (the steel bumps).

Perhaps giving dedicated times and or spaces for buskers and skateboarders to enable them to express their art and improve the streets by accepting and supporting them and their skills. This is opposed to enforcing a PSPO which will persecute the arts, exercise and freedom of expression within Bournemouth town centre.

This petition covers the area within the town of Bournemouth affected by the propose PSPO. We: Pearl Edwards and John McQuillan wish to present the petition at a meeting to the council.

Please help us return the spaces to the people and enrich our town centre with art, individual expression and exercise.
Thank you for your help


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