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To: Camden Council and Royal Free London NHS foundation

Stop Royal Free nurses' home being turned into luxury flats

Don't allow the Royal Free nurses' home to be turned into luxury flats for the mega-rich. Make sure any development provides more of the keyworker and affordable housing Camden desperately needs.

Why is this important?

Health workers get paid so little, they work long frequently unsociable hours. They need to be able to afford to live near where they work so they don’t have to add huge travel time and costs to their daily life.

Our lives are literally in these people’s hands and we need to give them the respect that they clearly deserve and one way we can show this respect is to let them have affordable housing.

The house prices in Camden are extremely high, we have a huge amount of very expensive housing already. The average house price in this area is over a million pounds and the average London wage for a nurse is only £24,963.

How on earth are the backbone of our health service supposed to afford to live anywhere near where they work?

Affordable nurses housing should be sacrosanct.

The Royal Free London NHS foundation and Camden council need to backtrack on these plans as a matter of urgency.

London Borough of Camden, London

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2018-06-04 23:55:12 +0100

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2018-05-30 10:17:05 +0100

I have just had an email from a journalist from London Live asking to speak to anyone who has been a resident of the nurses housing as they are trying to set up some interviews.

If anyone is interested let me know and I can facilitate an introduction.

Keep signing and sharing you magnificent people!

2018-05-29 22:43:02 +0100

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