To: Schwarzkopf

Stop Schwarzkopf Testing Their Products On Animals And Using Animal Products

Stop Schwarzkopf Testing Their Products On Animals And Using Animal Products

Stop testing your products on animals and using animal products.

Hundreds of companies around the world have thrown away animal testing - you should join them.

Why is this important?

Schwarzkopf, here's an important message for you. Animals are not ours to abuse or test products on. There are now many alternatives to test your products to make sure they're safe for use and do not pose a danger to consumers. Animals do not need to suffer for your products to pass their safety tests, get onto shelves or into consumers homes. Not only is animal testing unnecessary in the world we live in today, it's completely unethical and unimaginable that any human being could cause that amount of pain to a sentient being for the sake of cosmetics.

It's important to rid of animal testing in cosmetic companies because it's unethical and unnecessary. It may also be important to know that in fact your sales could potentially rise. Veganism and activism against animal cruelty is growing every single day. Every vegan and every animal activist is a potential customer for cruelty free companies so this may be something to consider.

Reasons for signing

  • That's my one on here. This is really bad how animals are subjected to cruelty by us humans.
  • If you want to use these products then test on YOURSELVES!
  • An unecessary, backward and cruel practice. Use the shareholders for testing?


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