To: Sony, The Video Standards Council, Quantic Dreams

Make Sony remove child abuse scenes from video games

Make Sony remove child abuse scenes from video games

Stop the release of Detroit: become human video game until all themes relating to child abuse are removed.

Abuse is a crime not a game.

Why is this important?

Sony is planning to release Detroit: become human; a video game in which a young girl can be abused and killed by her father.

The author of the game, David Cage, says it's a beautiful story and that the girl isn't really a victim as the player can 'choose' to save the victim however the player can also choose not to save the victim and allow her to die at the hands of her father (one of the trailers shows the father's hand around his dead daughter's neck as he says, Daddy's no longer angry).

One review, by Damien Lawardom, talks about it as "the most relatable game of 2018", and describes the trailer as a "heart-rending display of domestic abuse".

We believe the game to be potentially highly damaging. Abusers will get off on playing the game and young children interacting with the game, in spite of it's age classification, are likely to be inspired to use violence and abuse as a way to solve their own issues.

Normalising abuse the way that guns and violence have been in movies, TV and games, sets a terrifying precedent.

Please sign this petition and let's stop this game, and others like it, from being classified and released where they include scenes of child abuse.

Abuse is a crime not a game.

Reasons for signing

  • Abuse is abuse . Sort your anger out and leave the vulnerable kids alone.
  • ! agree !!!!!, this filth needs banning too !!!. its sick !.


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