To: Tesco

Stop Tesco Dropping British Sugar!

Stop Tesco Dropping British Sugar!

Please don't drop British Silver Spoon Sugar! Your customers want to support British Farmers and Industries!

Why is this important?

Tesco has decided to pull British-produced Silver Spoon from its shelves and has instead opted to sell Tate and Lyle cane sugar, which is imported from as far afield as Belize, in a bid to “provide the best possible prices” to customers.

Sugar industry representatives said it was a blow to a sector estimated to employ 1,400 people and supporting a further 9,500 skilled jobs – the majority of which are based in East Anglia, where most of the nation’s beet crop is grown and processed.

Michael Sly, Chairman of the National Farmers’ Union’s sugar board said: “NFU Sugar and its growers are hugely disappointed that Tesco is no longer selling Silver Spoon sugar which is proudly grown by British sugar beet producers,” said Mr Sly. “Not only is it a great product, the sugar beet industry makes an important contribution to the rural economy.

“What makes it even more frustrating is that Tesco has chosen to deny consumers the choice of buying home-grown sugar which is produced sustainably, benefitting both the economy and the environment alike.”


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  • Tesco should not be making this change. They should be supporting British farmers.


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