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Stop Tesco using Palm Oil in their own brands

Stop Tesco using Palm Oil in their own brands

Stop using palm oil in own brand products or use Sustainable Palm instead. In their own statement they have committed to ''By the end of 2015 all palm oil in our own-brand products will come from certified sustainable sources'' However this is not the case as every week I do the weekly shop online and discover more and more of its own products containing palm oil! I do not see that they are trying in anyway to reduce this or use an alternative . Appears to be 'business as usual' now that the media has died down about this issue! Doing a five minute search on the Tesco website, I discovered these products contained palm oil...
. Tesco Butter me up Spread
. Tesco White Bread
. Tesco Healthy Living Chocolate and Caramel Cereal Bars
. Tesco Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix
These are normal every day products that millions of people buy without realising that they contain palm oil and this is just the tip of the iceberg as hundreds of Tesco products contain palm oil.
Its time for Tesco to stick to its promises and start using Sustainable Palm Oil or even better use an alternative!

Why is this important?

Palm Oil production is bad news in so many ways! It destroys wildlife by cutting down the Rainforest to plant palm oil plantations. Many iconic species such as the Orangutan are disappearing at an alarming rate. And that's not all.... it is contributing to increased poverty among local communities who work in the plantations for little return. Only making the big corporations bigger and more powerful at the expense of wildlife and the local population. But perhaps the biggest threat is deforestation - ''According to the World Wildlife Fund, an area the equivalent size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production''. This is all adding to the huge problem of Climate Change , due to the lack of trees to soak up the carbon and forest fires emitting huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.
The world is getting warmer, the past four years we have had little or no snow in the winter. We all should be standing together globally to tackle this problem.
Although it seems that we are powerless as a consumer , by signing this petition it will show big corporations like Tesco that consumers will not accept palm oil in its products.
Tesco should step up its act and be an example to other big cooperation's in it's commitment to ending this madness of using pam oil in products.
Please take a minute out of your life to sign my petition.
Thank you so so much xxxx

Reasons for signing

  • Farming palm oil is destroying fragile ecosystems and there is no need to use it in most of the products it is used in. The ubiquity of its use owes more to marketing than any superiority to alternatives.
  • Gota stand up to these issues
  • Unless Tesco put 'sustainable palm oil' on their labelling, you have to assume it is from an unsustainable source. Put pressure on Tesco to keep their promise to stop using unsustainable Palm Oil!


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