To: The undersecretary for environmental and rural life opportunities. Therese Coffey MP

Stop the aerial spraying of toxic chemicals on Dartmoor.

Stop the aerial spraying of toxic chemicals on Dartmoor.

Stop the spraying of Asulam/Asulox to kill bracken on Dartmoor.

Why is this important?

This chemical is a toxic carcinogen, which will contaminate groundwater, soil, flora, and fauna.

Most of Devon's water supply will become contaminated with Asulox, as the rivers start on Dartmoor.

Grazing animals avoid areas sprayed with Asulox for many years, (thus giving them less food, year round, or them being forced to eat what they would like to refuse).

The spraying is pointless, as in a short time the areas look as they did before they were sprayed. There are safer, sustainable methods.

Please make it a priority to sign and share as widely as possible. We only have a short time, as spraying is due to start on July 1st.

The safety data sheet says :
S -phrase(s)
S24 - Avoid contact with skin
S37 - Wear suitable gloves
S57 - Use appropriate container to avoid environmental contamination
S60 - This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste
This product (Asulam) was banned by the EU. It was renamed Asulox

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How it will be delivered

Email , or press conference, (short time frame).

Dartmoor National Park

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Reasons for signing

  • My wife and I walk regularly on Dartmoor. Spraying toxic chemicals is a lazy and dangerous way to control bracken.
  • spraying toxic chemicals on this area should be a criminal offence and we see enough of our wildlife being killed by hunters and shooters.
  • Poisoning the planet is of course abhorrent. And it's even more objectionable when it's occurring in this beautiful and unique National Park. Dartmoor is a fragile ecosystem of special flora and wildlife, and has borne witness to humanity's benign presence since Neolithic times. Please add your voice to this cry for sanity, and help to protect our history, and our natural history.


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