To: I am petitioning to the government so they can enforce more restrictions for the British Armed Forces to stop their unethical recruitment of 16 and 17 year olds

Stop the British military recruiting child solders

Stop the British military recruiting child solders

I want the British armed forces to stop recruiting under 18's and to stop targeting them for roles in the infantry with unrealistic media portrayals of army life.

Why is this important?

The UK is one of less than 20 countries in the world to recruit 16 year olds, it is the only country in Europe and the only permanent member of the United Nations. This groups ourselves together with countries with little respect for human rights such as Iran, Zimbabwe and North Korea.

The army recruits the very youngest solders with the intention of preparing them specifically for front line roles- where they are over represented.

This has been questioned by international charities such as 'Child Soldiers International' and needs to stop!

The battlefield is not a place for our young teanagers!

Reasons for signing

  • Say no to child soldiers
  • The use of child soldiers is inhumane and sickening.


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