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To: Kettering borough council

Stop the closure of Desborough Library

Stop the closure of Desborough Library

Stop the proposed plan to close Desborough and Rothwell libraries

Why is this important?

The library is an important part of the community providing a gathering place for people of all ages. Providing activities for children of all ages and space for other groups.

Removal of the library will also make it difficult for many people to gain access to books in the community of Desborough.

It is also a vital access point to the council for many people with restricted mobility due to the help desk


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Reasons for signing

  • This resource should be available for the young and old for both enjoyment and education. Our community should not lose out. Desborough deserves this facility and shouldn't be a poor relation in the Kettering borough.
  • Rothwell and Desborough libraries are a vital part of the community.
  • Desborough library is a beautiful place and the heart of our lives. A multi used library and loved by all ages, it offers so many services as well as being a safe and comfortable meeting place for the elderly and tiny children. It's a traditional profession that needs supporting and saving. I could not see life without it. Even considering such a terrible thing is disastrous and unbelievable. It must be saved.


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Thanks for all the signatures guys! Please keep sharing we need as many as possible to sign

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