To: Gateshead Council

Stop the Cuts in Gateshead

Stop the Cuts in Gateshead

We call on Gateshead City Council to re-consider it's death by 1000 cut's policy in the arts, leisure centres, libraries youth services and the social care sector.
It's time for the council to stand up to the cuts imposed by the Con/Dems.

Why is this important?

The gradual withdrawal of services will eventually mean the end of local democracy as the council becomes ever more pointless and powerless. For example as part of its budget proposals Gateshead City Council is proposing reduction of branch libraries to 12 and the withdrawal of professional support for 5 libraries which may or may not continue being run by volunteers. This comes on top of massive staff cuts last year and more proposed in the future.
Local government may not be perfect but it's better than a mish mash of services provided by charity or multinational companies like G4s or SERCO.

Gateshead, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Its about time Gateshead stood up to the tory government. Gateshead should refuse point blank to make any more cuts at all. Cameron and Clegg will not allow the council to go bankrupt itself.
  • We all have to stand up and be counted!


2014-11-25 20:59:04 +0000

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