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To: Carl Sargeant, Welsh Government Minister for Natural Resources

Stop the damming of the River Conwy

UPDATE: 14/3/16 - You may have seen the news by now, that after a dedicated effort from local campaigners, supported by the 6,311 of you who signed the petition, the Snowdonia National Park Authority made the right decision and refused permission for multinational energy giant RWE to build a hydro scheme on the River Conwy.

After last weeks meeting the refusal notice has now been formally issued and the River Conwy is safe from the developers - THANK YOU!

Tell Snowdonia National Park Authority to ensure that the protection offered by National Park designation, protects the river Conwy from being destroyed by a dam.
Tell Natural Resources Wales to use their powers to effectively protect this important river and the biodiversity it supports

Why is this important?

RWE Innogy have submitted a planning application to dam the river Conwy and build a hydro electric power plant. The Afon Conwy is a unique & nationally important river designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a famous salmon & sea trout fishery and classic white water kayaking and canoeing resource. The section of the river that will be affected by the dam includes the famous Conwy Falls waterfall a significant visitor attraction and the iconic Fairy Glen.
Photo ©Andy Teasdale

Reasons for signing

  • Salmon are a species that have enough pressures affecting them as it's fish ladders help them get upstream but barrier affects there migration patterns and affects fish populations. Hydro electric power plants can also cause water quality issues. Reduced flows affecting spawning grounds. Siltation when the power plant is constructed. Some factors taken into consideration minimise the impacts by having fish passes and screening.
  • I've climbed in Snowdonia for many years and loved the area deeply. Nw I've given up climbing and have a passion for fly fishing. Don't damn and suffocate the river.
  • This river is one of nature's beautiful gifts on this planet and should be left to flow free


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