To: Leader of Crawley Borough Council

Stop the demolition of Crawley Town Hall

Stop the demolition of Crawley Town Hall

• Stop the demolition of Crawley’s New Town heritage
• Refurbish our unique 20th Century Town Hall
• Save the impressive Council Chamber

Why is this important?

• Crawley Town Hall is a significant twentieth-century building worthy of preservation; it is the public face of the New Town and as such has iconic status.

• The interiors are particularly well designed and represent the best of the era, particularly the early elements of ‘Minimalism’

• The loss of this building would be to lose an important example of iconic new town design with a high quality of both materials and detail

• Of even greater loss would be that of the work of a significant architect and interior designer, Max Clendinning, who’s interior design works have been an influence on design to the present day

• Crawley has historical importance as one of the first post-war New Towns to be planned

• Crawley’s design principal is open, low rise and airy

• The demolition is to make way for three 9 -10 storey tower blocks of flats and offices. Completely out of character with the ideas and history of the town

• A new Town Hall is simply a waste of money and a destruction of our heritage

Crawley, West Sussex

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