To: Lincolnshire County Council

Stop the lights going out over Gainsborough

Stop the lights going out over Gainsborough

"Replace all the lights that will be switched out at night with energy efficient LED lamps so that they may be kept lit."

Why is this important?

In the interest of safety and security we request that the switching out of lights in residential streets between midnight and 6 am be withdrawn and that LCC follow the example of Doncaster Borough Council by replacing lamps with energy efficient LED lights that will reduce electricity costs by 70% and reduce maintenance costs due to their long life (25 years compared with 6 years).

Residents are very concerned that the creation of dark spaces in the town at night will encourage burglaries, anti-social behaviour and accidents. Do let us know of your concerns and any experiences you have related to the lights being out.

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

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Reasons for signing

  • It’s terrible being out late in this town ,a dream for criminals
  • I often can't park outside my house and if I am home late and have to park some way away I then have to walk home in pitch black. I am no longer young, the pavements are uneven and I don't feel safe.
  • I signed for....The ambulance service, paramedic, Fire service, Police, Carers, Retailers, Post persons, Factory workers, Anybody else that works between 12am and 6am STAY SAFE !!!


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