To: The Prime Minister

Stop the sale of housing association housing

Stop the sale of housing association housing

Stop the Government's right to buy policy.

Why is this important?

In the first place, it advantages folk who are paying far less rent than those who have to rent in the private sector. They should not then be able to buy the houses at a cut price, while reducing the stock of affordable housing. It isn't as if we have an oversupply of such housing and it really isn't fair!

People in affordable housing should use their advantage to save a deposit and buy on the open market, like everyone else has to do which would free up their housing association house for those who need it.

We need more affordable housing not less. We have families in bed and breakfasts.

Reasons for signing

  • We need affordable housing and more of them not less. Rebuilding the same number as sold isn't likely to happen in reality. Keep the present ant stock and build more. We need to think bout future generations not just the lucky few who would be able to buy now
  • We must retain houses for rent by those who need them
  • these properties include Land underneath, they should not be privately sold in freehold at all anyway, but, if ever, only in (perpetual?) leasehold with regularly updated ground rent at fair value of area to keep a stream for the state, the community which create the value of the area & needs fund for new (hopefully affordable) housing needs.


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