To: West Sussex County Council

Stop the Velo South Cycle Event - 23rd September in West Sussex

Stop the Velo South Cycle Event - 23rd September in West Sussex

Please do not allow the Velo South Cycle Event to go ahead by cancelling the approval for road closures.

Why is this important?

The event will hold hostage thousands of residents in their own homes around the 100 mile route for up to 8 hours, cost local businesses real money, risk the livelihood of farmers and welfare of farm animals, all for the commercial gain of Velo South.
West Sussex County Councillors were not able to democratically vote on this and neither were Chichester District Council nor the Parish Councils.

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • One person's freedom to cycle should not be at the expense of the freedom of others to earn their living and carry on their lives. This is morally wrong. This flash point could have been avoided with better management: how about choosing a route on dual carriageway roads with lanes that can be subdivided so at least traffic can still move. This is a rural area. Not like e.g. London where you can normally get around the blockages somehow.
  • Totally undemocratic to impose road closures: unfair to the elderly, the young and the infirm who cannot cycle and whose ability to move around will be eroded by this ghastly, ill thought-through event.
  • Same on those who have allowed this


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