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Tumblr - please protect the vulnerable

Tumblr - please protect the vulnerable

In 2012, Tumblr publicly announced that it would prohibit material "that actively promotes or glorifies self-injury or self-harm". 5 years on, and this material is still accessible to all. I am asking the UK
Culture, Media and Sport committee to ensure Tumblr to honour their pledge, and put measures in place to prevent access to the promotion and romaticising of self-harm and self-injury.

Why is this important?

In 2012, I was admitted to a mental health hospital following a suicide attempt. During my treatment, I admitted that one location I used to talk to other sufferers, and share my story, was Tumblr.
Looking back at Tumblr now, and the images that are being taken, shared and used to discuss mental health are actually having a devestating effect on those who are seeking help and comfort.
Images shown range from black and white text pictures, through to images of nooses and coffins, through to images and videos of self harm - both after the harm but some of the harm happening.
Those suffering from mental health are already in a vulnerable position. Having this media available at their fingertips - Tumblr now has an app - means they are getting huge amounts of negative images 24/7.
Just take a moment to imagine what this might do to someone close to you if they were ever in need.
If, like me, you feel this should be stopped, please sign this petition.

How it will be delivered

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