To: The Government

Stop using NHS patients’ personal information for immigration enforcement.

Stop using NHS patients’ personal information for immigration enforcement.

Stop using NHS patients’ personal information to carry out immigration enforcement.

Why is this important?

The UK government and NHS Digital, the NHS body that stores patient information, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in January to give the Home Office easier access to patient information. This allows immigration officials to use NHS patients’ personal details, such as their addresses, to track down, arrest and deport undocumented migrants.

Patient confidentiality is essential for NHS staff to be able to do their job – and yet there has been no consultation with NHS staff or the public about this deal. Concerns raised by medical organisations have been ignored and the agreement was made in secret.

The deal makes some of the UK’s most vulnerable people scared of getting healthcare. The medical charity Doctors of the World regularly sees people in urgent need, including pregnant women and cancer sufferers, who are scared to see a doctor for fear that their details will be passed on. Creating a society where everyone can see a doctor easily and safely is also important for public health.

Sign the petition to demand that NHS Digital withdraws from the MOU and no longer provides information to the Home Office, so that our healthcare service is safe for everyone living in UK.

This petition is supported by Doctors of the World UK, the National AIDS Trust and Liberty.

Please indicate if you are a healthcare professional with the prefix Dr / Nurse / Midwife / other.

Reasons for signing

  • Home office is looking for the tax payers who had contributed a lot in past by paying tax , NI, visa fees, collage fees and more, but trapped in their visa system and brand as illegal. If this not a violation of Human rights than how you going to define these?
  • Wrong in principle and a threat to public health.
  • Stop sharing patient information


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