To: Corby Borough Council

stop young mum being kicked out

stop young mum being kicked out

not kick a 21year old and her 2 kids out of the council house after her mum died

Why is this important?

my sister turned 21 just days before our mum passed away, now on top of having to come to terms with our loss we have been told my sister and her 2 young children will have to leave their home as it was a council property in my mums name. This just doesn't make sense, she is entitled to a 2 bed council property, that's what shes living in, Corby council want to move her into another 2 bed property and give her house to someone else for absolutely no reason we can find. Not only will this cause stress to my sister and her family it will also involve alot of extra work for the council. How can this be a justifiable way of spending tax payers money?


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Reasons for signing

  • It doesn't make sense to move a family from one property to another. Let alone the upset it will cause, why spend the money. Good luck to the family x
  • There is no reason move a settled family from suitable accomodation that they lived in for years to another plus it is to much upset for children and stress for parents
  • No family should have to loose there mother and try to grieve and then be chucked out of the home she has a family in, especially as that home could not only provide a roof over there heads but memories of her mum which must be very sentamental to her.


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