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Successful Campaigns
  • Asda should reinstate charity and food bank collections
    UPDATE: 26.2.16. ASDA has reinstated all of its charity collection points in all of its stores.
    90,894 Signatures
    Created by Clare Smith Picture
  • Save the National Wildlife Crime Unit
    UPDATE 1/3/16 - We won! The Government has announced it will continue to fund Britain's wildlife detectives.
    15,678 Signatures
    Created by Pete Warwick
  • Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Newton Abbot
    I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has signed this petition. Many of you will be aware of the toxicity of glyphosate and understand the need to ban this dangerous chemical. I am pleased to be able to report to you all that the council supports a ban on glyphosate and is looking into what pesticides are currently used to be able to confirm or implement a glyphosate free policy. This may take some time and in the meantime I will be closing the campaign to reflect the council's action in this matter.
    914 Signatures
    Created by Jessica Ford Picture
  • Don't deport the Newark Four
    UPDATE: 29/07/17 - We won! International students told they can stay! Lingtzu Chen, 31, and Meng-Hsiu Tsai, from Taiwan, Australian Daniel Chick, and Yasuhiro Nakashima, from Japan, who are students at the Newark School of Violin-Making and Repair, were due to be deported after July 31 because their international visas had been cancelled by the Home Office. But yesterday the UK Visas and Immigration Service confirmed the students could stay in the UK and complete their studies at the school, which is part of the Lincoln College Group (LCG).
    2,550 Signatures
    Created by Anna Langley Picture
  • Stop Trump's state visit to the UK
    11/10/17 - We Won! Donald Trump's visit has been downgraded to a 'working tour'. He's not going to get to be a guest of the Queen and he's not going to get all the "glitz and pomp" of a full state visit. Read more here:
    43,320 Signatures
    Created by Sarah Stanbridge Picture
  • One week to save Critically Endangered spider
    We won!
    9,892 Signatures
    Created by Vanessa Amaral-Rogers - Buglife
  • SOS: Save Refuges, Save Lives
    25/11/2014 SOS campaign success! Just four days after we handed in our SOS petition to Downing Street, the Department for Communities and Local Government has committed to a £10 million for refuges.
    39,389 Signatures
    Created by Women's Aid
  • Don't take women out of politics A-levels
    UPDATE: 12/01/15 Campaign Win! The schools minister today announced that Feminism is to be reinstated in the politics syllabus and more women will be included in the course content! Read more here:
    42,110 Signatures
    Created by Lauren and Ellen
  • Stop making our NHS doctors into border guards.
    After thousands of us signed the petition, emailed, tweeted and called Jeremy Hunt and chipped in for hard hitting ad vans, the government announced it was scrapping the dangerous data sharing deal between the NHS and the Home Office!
    71,587 Signatures
    Created by Anna @ Doctors of the World UK Picture
  • Exeter Fire - Rebuild Our Heritage
    We Won! The Royal Clarence Hotel and the Well House Tavern pub will be completely restored!
    4,267 Signatures
    Created by Ian Carr