Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • Save Liverpool Libraries
    Success! Liverpool libraries are safe once again. Elysce's campaign and a “love letter” to Liverpool’s libraries from an army of major writers has been answered by the city’s council: all 18 of Liverpool’s libraries will stay open. Read more here:
    3,371 Signatures
    Created by Elysce Hastie
    UPDATE: 6/11/14: A victory! Plans to quarry in Hopwas Woods have been withdrawn because of public opposition. This is really great news for everyone who supported the campaign by signing the petition and getting involved through the Facebook page. You can read more here:
    1,414 Signatures
    Created by Jo Blick Picture
  • Boycott Riverford Organics until all hunting is stopped on Riverford land.
    Great news, after running a campaign for 48 hours, 38 Degrees members have put enough pressure on Riverford farm to ban fox-hunting from all Riverford land, not just the land run by the organic veg company. Read more here:
    4,829 Signatures
    Created by Ama Menec Picture
  • SOS: Save Refuges, Save Lives
    25/11/2014 SOS campaign success! Just four days after we handed in our SOS petition to Downing Street, the Department for Communities and Local Government has committed to a £10 million for refuges.
    39,407 Signatures
    Created by Women's Aid
  • Please reverse plans to close Stockport Wellbeing Centre
    UPDATE: 23/09/16 We Won! At long last we have got another wellbeing space but it will need a lot of work to make it as good as the one we lost.
    1,649 Signatures
    Created by Brigitte Lechner Picture
  • Defend our NHS Hexham Hospital
    We managed to get one of the main aims of our petition to retain Dr's in our hospital. We will continue to monitor any changes and if necessary we will act again to prevent any further downgrading of services to our local hospital at Hexham
    2,328 Signatures
    Created by gail ward
  • Allow Bris-Tek/Black Swan To Have A Stage At This Years St Paul's Carnival
    After 1,000 people came together to petition the planning committee of St. Pauls Carnival to allow Bris-tek to have a stage at the festival, they listened. Bris-tek are dedicated to showcasing established as well as up and coming sound systems and DJ's. Justin, the petition starter, handed his petition in and the committee listened. A win for people power!
    1,035 Signatures
    Created by Justin Fash Picture
    24/11/14: We've won! Together, 38 Degrees members and Spinwatch have persuaded NHS England to publish details of their big spending. Take a look here: And [email protected] if you see anything unusual we could dig into.
    76,043 Signatures
    Created by Tamasin Cave from Spinwatch
  • Save Dorchester Hospital Pathology Lab
    08/10/14 - At a meeting on Wednesday morning Dorset County Hospital's board decided in favour of a recommendation from experts to keep the threatened pathology service and commit an additional £100,000 to the facility. For more details please read Dorset Echo's article:
    3,837 Signatures
    Created by Chris East Picture
  • Cancel Bath Bus Gate Fines
    3,335 Signatures
    Created by Joe Scofield Picture