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To: Supermarket CEO's

Supermarkets - Pay the Living Wage

We are asking all supermarkets to start paying the living wage to all employees

Why is this important?

According to Citizens UK the wages of supermarket workers are being topped up by £11 billion each year in benefits. For too long supermarkets have been underpaying their staff & expecting the tax payer to foot the bill but now is time to fight back. Supermarkets turn over billions of pounds every year & are easily in the position to pay the living wage & if they were to do so would save this country £11 billion every year. Imagine where that £11 billion could go - NHS, Police, Fire Service, Education to name a few. While our public services are being drained of resources huge billion pound, multi-national companies are being subsidised by us the tax payer, it must now stop to save our economy & our public services

The living wage is set at £9.15 in London & £7.85 elsewhere & is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK - that's right, the basic cost of living. All employers should be paying the living wage but supermarkets have the moral right to do so as they employ such a large number of employees (5 million) & turn over such masses of money. It's important to remember as well that this isn't just the big 4 who are guilty, those with a smaller market share must also accept responsibility - particularly the Co-operative whose morals & ethics were built on challenging greed & dispersing money back into society 170 years ago


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