To: Daventry Council

Support Daffodils Outdoor Nursery and Arthingworth Village

Please do not allow permission for another registered nursery on Braybrooke Road, Arthingworth.

Why is this important?

Daffodils Outdoor Nursery is a family run business which has just registered with Ofsted to provide childcare for children in the Arthingworth and surrounding areas. We are a unique nursery following an outdoor approach to learning and offering something different to families in the area. Someone has put in an application for permission to open a nursery directly opposite ours. It has come to our attention that a previous application for permission to build 27 houses was rejected, and that the change in application to incorporate a nursery is in fact a ploy to gain permission for a housing development. As a brand new business, we do obviously have concerns about the sustainability of two day nurseries in such a small village. But we also have concerns about the increased traffic more housing and another nursery will bring, as well as the change to the village that a large housing development will have. We urge you to please consider the application and the motives behind it, and to consider the detrimental affect it will have on not only us as small family run business that has not yet had a chance to establish itself, but on the beautiful village of Arthingworth as a whole.

Arthingworth, Daventry District

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Reasons for signing

  • im taking my little girl here as shes out going and loves being outside having this new nursery offering this type of play and learning is great and unique . why should they have to be put in direct competition within a small community . mayb it would be a good site for Daffodils to extend to once its established itself as im sure there spaces are going to go very quick and will be like gold dust to get a space in the near future x
  • Friends daughter is going there


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