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To: North Yorkshire County Council

Support Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Support Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

We the undersigned support the protectors living at the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp.

Why is this important?

The Kirby Misperton Protection Camp (KMPC) has been invaluable in our community’s struggle against fracking, now we stand to protect it!

The camp was set up last December after the community lost a high court appeal to prevent Third Energy from fracking on the edge of our village. The camp acts as a community hub, its a place where we can go and seek support, information and share ideas. It also hosts events such as family fun days, solidarity weekends, know your rights workshops, legal observer training and a retreat.

The camp is also home to some of the newer members of our community and offers a place to stay for campaigners with bigger distances to travel. The fracking of the KM8 well is putting our villages directly in harms way, but we also recognise that we are on the frontline of England’s struggle against the fracking industry.

Fracking in Kirby Misperton is a local issue of national importance.

All protest involves a level of disruption, but neither we nor the camp support any kind of violent or abusive behavior. As local residents we are grateful to friends who have made the choice to live so sacrificially to join our struggle. As such we welcome KMPC and the support from protectors around the country.

Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire Norte

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Reasons for signing

  • Its down to locals as our MP has let us down
  • I moved to Pickering a year ago because I love the area. I am so grateful to the protectors for their help in trying to keep Ryedale the beautiful county it is. Their help and wealth of knowledge is invaluable. Sue T
  • I am grateful for the protection camp and those dedicated and knowledgeable people who use it. lived in Ryedale for many years and I now live in Scarborough and I fear for my water supply from the aquifer we share. I oppose fracking, it's dangerous, it contaminates the ebvironment and water supply with dangerous chemicals and it's totally unnecessary as an energy source, when we're supposed to be moving away from fossil fuels.


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