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To: Kingston Council

Support New Malden Farmers' Market

Support New Malden Farmers' Market

We the undersigned, kindly ask the Malden and Coombe Neighbourhood Committee to support the Farmers' Market for a sustainable future. As the Farmers' market approaches its fifth anniversary, we feel the market must seek a new venue in New Malden; currently, the market is constrained by space and prominence at the Fountain car Park, and also has an uncertain future due to the proposed development of the Car Park in the near future.

Why is this important?

In order to move forward, we have found the only viable location, as is the case in other successful markets in neighbouring towns, is to relocate the market onto the High Street. We ask that the Neighbourhood Committee works with the organisers to help us in this regard to ensure the market can continue to be a community asset for the whole of New Malden.

New Malden

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Reasons for signing

  • as I have lived in new Malden all my life 42yrs I feel that I should support all local business. I also feel the fountain pub is part of the high street it has always been there.
  • We need this car park kept, not only for the Farmers Market, (which is great) but also for the vets. Where else can we park so near? What else is 40 flats going to do, bet they won't be for people who really need them, or have become homeless. They will just add to the already congested high street and surrounding roads. Please stop this going ahead and sign now.
  • Another social hub will be lost forever. Raynes Park to Kingston = 1 pub. Save the Fountain


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This petition will be delivered to the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood committee at Guildhall TONIGHT, 9th November, at 7:30pm. Feel free to attend, but we'll update everyone after the meeting. Keep gathering signatures, all collected until 7:30pm count.

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