To: Haringey M P

Take away the bus stop.

To take away the bus stop in our Estate. We have in the past had an hale and ride for so long. We had this little bus for many years and the bus is the 234.. going from muswel hill to high Barnett and travels through our Estate. Which was very helpful at a point when it turns into our Estate it becomes an hale and ride as there are no bus stops all of a sudden the mounted some busstop which became a burden for the disabled and the the people that has walking difficulties. And no seats. So many phone calls to the bus company is not going anywhere. So as am giving the opportunity to start a campaign I thought this should help so am appealing to 38Degrees to please help us and approve this campaign as approval will be appreciated by so many. Some of us now are looking for money to buy scooters. If this is approved and we get our voices heard there will not be any reason for that. Thank you and weldone for the greater job you all are doing.

Why is this important?

Is Important because it will save cost like looking for scooters won't be necessary. Thank you and can do without taxis.

Muswell Hill, London

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