To: The Right Honourable Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Tax Insurance Company Profits To Put More Police On The Streets

Tax Insurance Company Profits To Put More Police On The Streets

Impose a tax on insurance company profits, and use the money to recruit more police officers.

Why is this important?

The current insurance system is broken.
The more crime there is, the more premiums increase, and yet none of that money is ever used to prevent crime. It is not in the insurance companies interest to reduce crime, because that would mean they would have to lower their premiums (and hence profits), rather than increasing them every year.

I propose a special tax should be levied on insurance companies, and that the money raised should be fed back into the Police's budget to put more officers on the ground, thus reducing crime.
It would be a win for the good people of this country, and a win for the police.
The only people that stand to lose anything by this arrangement would be the insurance companies, and I seriously doubt anyone really cares for their profit margins!

As an example, my car insurance has increased by £400 this year. I haven't moved, I haven't had an accident - it's simply down to the fact that the area I live in has seen a spate of thefts. Surely, that £400 would be better spent on police, rather that ending up in the coffers of some insurance company.