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To: Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Taxes for Life not Death

While we accept that the motion to proceed with air strikes against the so called Islamic State has been passed, we cannot as people of conscience, accept that the taxes we pay as individuals will in any way contribute to this course of action.

Military action of any sort is unacceptable to us when other forms of intervention have not been tried. While we agree that we must pay our taxes we do not agree that this should allow you to exercise power over our personal ethics. This applies to this war as well as any future wars.

We demand that the government allows any individual who wishes it to divert the portion of their taxes used on defence spending to be instead given towards the funding of the NHS.

Allow us the freedom to appease our consciences and know that the money we pay is being used to save lives and not take them

Why is this important?

To refuse us this right is to force us to compromise our own beliefs. The elected government should not have the right to force individuals to contribute towards actions that will inevitably lead to the deaths of others, especially when a proportion of those deaths, however small you may personally believe them to be, are likely to include innocents


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