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To: The Home Affairs Select Commitee

The DWP should compensate clients who win tribunals

Clients wait at least a year to appear before a tribunal to get a decision for the DWP's original decision on their benefits to be overturned as over 70% are. When a client wins they get a payment of monies owed around six weeks after their win. They get no aplogy from the DWP just the money they have waited for, for so long. I'm asking that the DWP be made to pay compensation of at least 50% of backdated monies owed for the distress they put people through and a written apology! Perhaps then they may do their work more carefully and compassionately.

Why is this important?

Many of my clients have suffered at the hands of the Department of Worry and Persecution. Let's make them pay for their cruel treatment of those with both physical and mental health difficulties. People have commited suicide when their benfits have been stopped or cut and have to go through a long process to get redress. It is not fair and is not part of a society and government who should be looking after those in need, not harrasing them.


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