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To: The MP who wins the impending Conservative leadership contest.

The prospective leader of the Conservative party must pledge that £350m a week go to the NHS

The prospective leader of the Conservative party must pledge that £350m a week go to the NHS

The new Conservative leader must pledge to commit £350m a week to the NHS in light of promises made during the EU referendum campaign.

Why is this important?

The NHS is a dearly loved institution that is been squeezed by cuts, and one which faces an uncertain future in light of the EU referendum result and that 10% of its workforce comes from overseas. In order to protect its status as the best health service in the world, we need to ensure that it is properly funded.

A family member is a nurse and their ward faces privatisation. This is not because it underperforms, but because of the revenue it brings to the hospital trust. The trust nonetheless does not have the capital to purchase new equipment, forcing it to consider private investment to meet this shortfall. Going forward, the extra revenue generated from the ward will go into private hands and not be reinvested for the benefits of patients.

We can resolve this by ensuring the promises made by the leave campaign are met, overturning years of under investment that threatens patient safety, and which has put doctors at the mercy of hard nosed contractual negotiations by the Secretary of State.


Reasons for signing

  • PLEASE READ FOLKS! The UK government only has to redirect the £205 billion they plan to spend on expanding the UK's nuclear weapons arsenal (replacing the Trident weapons system) to cover the £350 million a week that was promised to the NHS during the EU campaign. Please ask your MP's and MSP's to ensure the new weapons system is scrapped in favour of improving our public health services.
  • The politicians are there to serve us, and should be held to account for promises made.They are our employees, and should be representing the welfare of the people, not vested interests. Do M.P.s have job descriptions? If not why not? It is about time they were held to there pledges.
  • i signed because it would be nice and the decent thing for a politician to keep a promise for a change.


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