To: Cornwall County Highways

Traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing on b3298 Carharrack

We need some traffic calming measures on the b3298 speed bumps, traffic calming give way areas or a roundabout between St Day & Carharrack and a pedestrian crossing of some sort.

Why is this important?

The majority of the children from Carharrack have to cross this road to walk to school and the speeds that cars travel makes this a lethal route, we encourage children to walk to school, get out more etc but if we can't make the routes safe then how can we expect parents to feel confident in doing this?
The junction at the bottom of the hill has had numerous accidents mainly caused through speeding and until the speed is brought under control these accidents will unfortunately continue to happen, do we have to wait until there is another fatality? No let's get together and act now to make our village safer for us all

B3298, Carharrack

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Reasons for signing

  • Traffic calming needs to be implemented soon before someone gets hurt
  • Having walked to school along that road for years its time the risk of children or anyone being hurt is reduced.
  • We need to have less traffic running through the village. It is a rat run at the moment for people coming and going from Falmouth.


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