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To: West Suffolk Council

Traffic Calming and Crossing needed in Haverhill

Traffic Calming and Crossing needed in Haverhill

Please provide safety measures including a crossing for our children to get to and from school safely.

Why is this important?

Burton End Road is a main road in Haverhill. It is used by hundreds of vehicles daily and acts as a main thoroughfare for hundreds of children and their carers attending one of several schools within the area.

At the moment, the road narrows to single file at one end and relies on vehicles giving way to each other which more often than not encourages drivers to speed up, going way above the 30mph limit, as they don't want to wait.
Vehicles are often seen mounting the already very narrow pavements barely missing pedestrians as well as racing towards pedestrians who attempt to cross the road.

We would like to see several changes made to the area including
-regular clearance of the foliage opposite Anglian Place which obstructs the narrow pavements
- metal barriers along the pavements where the traffic goes into single file
-a zebra crossing near to Cleves Road
-flashing signs which show the drivers the speed they are travelling at

These changes will ensure the risk of a child being run over dramatically reduced as well as encourgage more children and their carers to walk to school as it will be safer thus reducing the traffic volume and carbon emissions.

Burton End, Haverhill

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