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To: Southampton City Council

Traffic management survey for Southampton

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Joe Hudson
Traffic management survey for Southampton

There are ongoing serious traffic problems facing Priory Road and the surrounding area in Southampton. Following our public meeting on those problems we call on Southampton City Council to urgently initiate a full traffic management survey of the St Denys area.

The meeting identified highly unsafe driving, parking and road conditions which pose a real threat to the personal safety, health and well-being of residents.

We particularly appeal to the Council to investigate the feasibility of ideas suggested by residents, specifically: improved road calming (higher speed bumps), highly visible warning signals on speed, and extending traffic calming to the residential roads leading off and leading to Priory Rd.

Why is this important?

Road safety and congestion is a concern for everyone, as we all want to be safe and reduce the pollution we create and breath in.

How it will be delivered

Electronically and through the press release.


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