To: Highways England and Minister for Transport

Tunnel demanded for Liverpool Port Access

Tunnel demanded for Liverpool Port Access

Instruct Highways England to go back to the drawing board and review options for Port Acess Study to include a Tunnel option as part of the formal consultation process.

Why is this important?

The current proposals are short term and have negative impact on community health and well being of local residents particularly those living in the immediate vicinity of the A5036.

The current proposals also impact detrimentally on green space provision in Rimrose Valley

We do not believe the current proposals will alleviate the traffic problems for Port Access in the long term.

Highways England have failed to fully review the option of a Tunnel.

Metropolitan Borough of Sefton

Reasons for signing

  • Our precious park is a haven of peace, we don't want it to be destroyed.
  • Green space and peace and quiet is an essential part of life. The people of Netherton and Bootle have long suffered the ever increasing Noise and pollution brought about by heavy road traffic to and from the docks. There is an alternative to the road. There is an excisting rail route straight into Langton dock which could be renovated and upgraded thus, taking away the traffic from built up areas and preserving what little green space is left.
  • Impact on local people


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