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To: Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Unilever - clean up your mess!

Unilever - clean up your mess!

Clean up Kodaikanal’s mercury pollution and compensate the workers

Why is this important?

Unilever exposed their workers and thousand other to harmful mercury pollution at their Kodaikanal thermometer assembly plant in India. The factory operators did not give its workers any protective equipment or information about the disastrous impact that mercury has on health.

The factory owned by Hindustan Unilever also dumped toxic mercury around their plant, and this has not been cleaned up in the 14 years since this plant was shut down. The contamination continues to impact forests and groundwater.

The workers cannot afford private healthcare. They have been fighting for Unilever to clean up the toxic contamination and compensate them for their medical expenses as a result of mercury for many long years. They need us to stand with them now, more than ever.

Paul Polman, Unilever’s CEO, prides himself in heading a company that he says is accountable to its workers, and to the environment.

Let’s ask him to put his words into practice by asking him to clean up his company’s toxic mess and to compensate the workers who have lost their health and in some cases, their children, to Unilever’s unethical practices. As the global CEO, he has the power and resources to either take unilateral action or pressure Hindustan Unilever – a Unilever subsidy – to take immediate action itself. Sign the petition.

Reasons for signing

  • Imagine the compensation claims if this was in the USA!
  • The friendly, caring public image which large corporations such as Unilever present to their consumers is sadly often very different from the reality experienced by their workers. With an ever shrinking world and increased communication between all people of the world this is becoming harder for them to cover up and get away with. There are no more excuses, clean up your mess!
  • Although harmful, mercury is a valuable (liquid) metal, it is decontamination, but also in part recovery/mining waste. Tax on the land all around should be levied & gathered to to help the finances of cleaning up & if the owners don't play fair, the public authorities should have the right to take the land and proceed with the decontamination & they will have the land as an asset after.


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