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To: UK Government

Urinary Tract Infections tested for and prescribed for by a pharmacist instead of a GP.

Allow for Pharmacists to test women and non binary for a Urinary Tract Infection: allow over the counter prescription of antibiotics to treat the infection. Enable individuals to provide a Pharmacist with a urine sample that can be tested by the pharmacist, allowing for antibiotics to be prescribed at the pharmacy.

Why is this important?

It saves the patient the hassle of waiting for an appointment or call back from the GP for a prescription of antibiotics.
This would also save the NHS the cost and time of a GP testing and prescribing for a UTI.
Many who have suffered a UTI before know and understand the symptoms but can end up painfully waiting to be treated. Balancing work, family commitments and your health can be difficult and is made more difficult when worrying about missing the call back from the GP or making sure you get your prescription into the pharmacy before closing. A UTI can be very debilitating and this could be dramatically improved by allowing patients antibiotic prescription treatment over the counter.



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