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To: The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Vote of no confidence in Wealden District Council

Vote of no confidence in Wealden District Council

Stop the overdevelopment of our communities, towns and villages and to halt any further outline planning applications from being granted. This should be maintained until proper infrastructure (road improvements, school and nursery facilities, medical practices etc.) is put in place to support the huge increase in population over the past 5 years and future planned increase.

Why is this important?

Councillors should be allowed to use local democracy to refuse developments without the fear of developers overturning decisions through the appeal process and planning inspectorate.
Our road systems are proven to be incapable of accepting more traffic, there are insufficient GP’s, school/nursery places and sports/recreational facilities. We also care about protecting our green and rural land (once we lose our countryside, we lose it forever). These issues all need addressing before any more houses are built. Our planning system should ensure local voices are heard and work to stop people's quality of life being affected by increasingly poor services.
It is your Community. Do something about it. Join in, protest and sign the Petition. Doing nothing is not an option!

Wealden District

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