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Back Seni’s Law

Back Seni’s Law

It’s time to stop deaths in custody and mental health units. Please support the private member's bill calling for the end of the use of inappropriate force against people using mental health services

Why is this important?

Thornton Heath resident Seni Lewis died in a mental health hospital after he was pinned face-down by 11 police officers until he stopped breathing. We must stop the use of excessive force that killed Seni and too many other mental health patients like him.

Steve Reed MP is bringing a new law to Parliament. It will create accountability and transparency in the mental health services and tackle the unconscious bias that means too many members of our black community are treated differently. No one else should suffer like Seni did, and every citizen from every background should feel safe when using NHS mental health services.

We need YOUR help to get Seni’s Law onto the statute books. Show your support for Steve Reed’s new law by signing the petition and asking your friends and family to sign too. We’ll keep you in touch with the campaign.

Together, we can make our mental health services safe and equal for everyone.


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