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To: Channel 5

We demand an apology for Hardeep Singh Kohli

We demand an apology for Hardeep Singh Kohli

We demand that Channel 5 give Hardeep Singh Kohli a public apology in regards to the continued racism and bullying he endured in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Channel 5 did not step in when racist remarks where made, nor did they step in to stop any bullying that occurred.

Why is this important?

By not commenting on it and not fixing the situation on Celebrity Big Brother as it happened Channel 5 have made it clear they do not think this behaviour is unacceptable. They allowed it to continue for entertainment value and profited from this. This sends a message to the general public that what occurred in the house was alright and you can also behave that way.

Reasons for signing

  • I was disgusted by the racist comments by other housemates and the shouting down/bullying behaviour by other housemates when Hardeep tried to explain his reasoning. It made for very uncomfortable viewing to see someone isolated day to day by a group of people
  • I was appalled at housemates singling hardeep out ,being racist/bullying etc
  • I will not stand for a major channel allowing and condoning racist and bullying behaviour. It is sending the message it’s okay, and it is not!


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