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To: CEO of North West Ambulance service NHS Trust

We Demand Emergency Ambulances Are Not Reduced Across The North West

THE region’s ambulance service has been forced into a U-turn over plans to cut services across parts of Cumbria.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has announced it will not be removing an ambulance from Carlisle or a rapid response vehicle overnight from Penrith, after campaigners gathered 11,500 signatures from local people.

Campaigners held a heated public meeting and thousands of people signed a petition, which was delivered to Downing Street.

We Demand Emergency Ambulances Are Not Reduced Across The North West

We are demanding that the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust does not reduce Emergency Ambulance cover as part of their Cost Improvement Plans. We believe their proposals will affect patient care and put lives at risk.

Why is this important?

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust is the largest ambulance service in the country covering 5,400 square miles and serving a population of more than seven million people. It is already extremely challenging for an ambulance service to provide excellent response and clinical care in a timely manner.

As part of a cost improvement plan the Trust Board and Management is proposing to reduce day and night time cover across the whole of the North West.

This action without doubt will have a detrimental impact on patient care and safety as a reduction in resources will mean that patients may have to wait longer than they do now on some occasions.

It will affect residents from Carlisle to Crewe. The proposed cuts in resources will mean that Ambulances that cover outlying rural towns and villages will be pulled into urban areas to respond to 999 calls. The public everywhere will have a lower level of service whether they live in large urban areas, towns or villages.

The North West Ambulance Service is a unique service with its mixture of large urban cities and vast rural areas. The North West should not suffer any detriment in the provision of patient care provided by the Ambulance Service just because of its size.

We are campaigning to keep the Ambulance resources that we currently provide for our patients within the North West. To make these cuts will have an impact on patients and could ultimately cost lives.

Please support our campaign

The North West of England

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Reasons for signing

  • Essential to saving lives
  • They need to cut the management & not the front line!
  • Sign to help save lives it could be your family next time!!


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