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To: Home Office

We support David Kiff and Wanwan Qiao's right to stay in the UK

We support David Kiff and Wanwan Qiao's right to stay in the UK

We want the government to grant Wanwan a visa so she can stay indefinitely in the UK. She is married to a UK national and they are expecting their first born. They should not have to relocate to China where David would be unable to work and support his family as well as the language barrier which would hinder his chance to work.

Why is this important?

This is important because the government should not be able to force a family to relocate especially if one spouse is married to a UK national. This puts stress on the expectant mother and is completely unacceptable. We support her right to stay in the UK.

Reasons for signing

  • Pissed of by the homeoffice
  • Im in a similar situation. My Filipino girlfriend is here in the uk, she is pregnant and we are now trying to put together our application for her to stay in the uk. Why should we be forced apart by stupid government officials trying to play god. I understand they have to be careful who they let into our country but when you consider how many immigrants they let in with no visa, give them homes and benifits, its crazy. Me and my partner just want a happy life with our baby.
  • Wanwan should be able to resided with her husband and baby, he can supper his wife and baby. They should be able to be enjoying this time of a new bab togerher and not going though this stress


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