To: Home Office

We support David Kiff and Wanwan Qiao's right to stay in the UK

We support David Kiff and Wanwan Qiao's right to stay in the UK

We want the government to grant Wanwan a visa so she can stay indefinitely in the UK. She is married to a UK national and they are expecting their first born. They should not have to relocate to China where David would be unable to work and support his family as well as the language barrier which would hinder his chance to work.

Why is this important?

This is important because the government should not be able to force a family to relocate especially if one spouse is married to a UK national. This puts stress on the expectant mother and is completely unacceptable. We support her right to stay in the UK.

Reasons for signing

  • Wanwan should be able to resided with her husband and baby, he can supper his wife and baby. They should be able to be enjoying this time of a new bab togerher and not going though this stress
  • This is wrong and unfair to spilt this wonderful family up and keep a mother away from her child is disgusting. Home Office have clearly got their priorities all wrong and the country knows that. Keep the family together here. Good luck to you david and wanwan you will be in my prayers to stay together x
  • How dare some public 'servant' tell a British citizen and his wife to live in another country - and assume that China will necessarily fall into line with his edict! This is a disgrace to our nation. Any immigration official cruelly trying to force a mother to separate from her baby is not fit for purpose and should be dismissed. Mrs Kiff should be granted a permanent visa forthwith.


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