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To: Jeremy Corbyn

Grassroots support Jeremy Corbyn

Grassroots support Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy, we want you and your Shadow Cabinet to carry on waging the relentless fight against Austerity politics which is blighting our communities and workplaces. We are signing this petition as an act of solidarity.

Why is this important?

It is important that you and your Shadow Cabinet continue to address the issues facing the majority of voters on a daily basis. It is important to take our Anti-Austerity policies into the communities. We recognise the size of this challenge and the need to turn policies into something that all understand. We have seen that the media waste no opportunity to undermine the work of you and your Cabinet. We also see how the coup has never stopped despite you winning two leadership elections. It is absolutely critical that we do not deviate from opposing Austerity and promoting an alternative that provides, Jobs, Housing, Free Education, access to the NHS to name but a few.

We must not return to the Austerity-lite politics adopted at the last General Election which is the real reason for the disaffection of core voters in Labour heartlands for the Labour Party.

How it will be delivered

Collect signatures and present them to Jeremy Corbyn



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