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To: UK government

We won’t pay for Trump to play golf

We won’t pay for Trump to play golf

To refuse to pay the costs of policing for Trump to visit his privately owned golf course in Scotland. This is counter to the current commitment made by Liz Truss, Home Secretary that the police would swallow up to £5m of cost for this visit

Why is this important?

Many people in the UK work hard to pay their taxes to ensure that education, health and policing are funded. We have already suffered many years of austerity and the money is needed by the British people. And anyway paying for foreign presidents to play golf on their private courses - in the hope that we get a good trade deal - is what we call corruption in other countries . So let’s not let that happen here. Please add your name in support

Reasons for signing

  • This spend is immoral our country's people need the money he can bring his own entourage to protect him...


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