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To: Cornwall council

Wheelie bins for Cornwall

Wheelie bins for Cornwall

Please provide wheelie bins, free of charge, to all residents of Cornwall who want them. One bin for 'normal' waste and one for recycling.

Why is this important?

Litter and waste is a severe problem in Cornwall. The majority of waste left out for bin collections gets attacked by animals or birds. Cornwall is a beautiful county, which is trying hard via many volunteer groups to keep litter out of our rivers and ultimately the sea. I belong to the Bude Rubbish Action Group, (BRAG), who meet regularly to clear our lovely town of litter. BRAG also educates our community how to deal correctly with waste and litter. The use of wheelie bins would have a massive impact on the problem of waste being blown around our streets. With huge amounts of waste and plastic finding its way into our oceans, I feel the Government and local councils should act immediately. Please provide us with wheelie bins.

Cornwall, England

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