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To: Boris Johnson and Priti Patel - Home Secretary

Windrush: never again

Windrush: never again

Implement and accept all recommendations from The Windrush Lessons Learned review, and do more to protect survivors so this never happens again

Why is this important?

Two years after the Windrush Scandal, the independent report commissioned into the appalling failings that took place has finally been published. But with so much going on, we can’t let the lessons go unnoticed.

The Home Office can no longer ignore the true scale of the scandal and its impact on people - from being made homeless or unemployed to being denied access to the NHS or unfairly deported. The Home Office must urgently stop any racial discrimination and to learn from the lessons published, so this never happens again.

This includes full implementation of all recommendations - with an action plan to do this quickly, appointing an independent group to review progress, and doing more to support survivors now.

You can read the full report here:


Reasons for signing

  • Because this should never happen again!!
  • racism pure and simple.
  • This is so important


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Dear Friends,
Thank you for signing the petition Windrush: never again, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?
I will be speaking at Haldane Society event on Thursday 21st May at 7pm. Please find details if you wish to join this zoom call. There are very limited tickets.
Patrick Vernon OBE

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