To: Torbay Council & Highways department

STOP Windy Corner Road works - Galmpton Common

STOP Windy Corner Road works - Galmpton Common

Review the decision to destroy Common Land to the South side of Galmpton Common and use Bascome Road for all through traffic to Brixham. I am calling for a new & open and debate on this , before irreversible damage is done and this land lost forever. The picture shows how the traffic will actually look if the road goes ahead not Torbay councils antiquated plan.

Why is this important?

This is important as Torbay Council have a record of road works which have destroyed large scenic areas of Torbay without bringing any improvement to traffic flow and merely moving the traffic further up the road.
The council has made no suggestion to reduce car numbers, create safe crossing for children at the common or to make a better path for them to walk. Out of season School traffic is the biggest contributer to increased traffic. This has been ignored in this proposal.
Just as important the council has kept details of this out of the public eye without informing residents who will be affected , hoping to pass this without objection as residents have been made kept in the dark.


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