To: NHS Tayside

Withdrawal of Accupuncture services by NHS Tayside

Withdrawal of Accupuncture services by NHS Tayside

I would like NHS Tayside to review the withdrawal of accupuncture services at the Pain Clinic at PRI.

Why is this important?

this is important to make sure that clients in the NHS Tayside region are allowed to maintain an existence. Accupuncture works for many people. We don't give up our time to go to an appointment because it doesn't work. It's also not an expensive treatment compared to what my GP, the Pain Clinic and my health management team are now going to have to do to find an alternative therapy

I have been attending the Pain Clinic since 2005 and have found my sessions to be extremely helpful. I'm on approximately 30 tablets a day for my pain and other illnesses and I'm at the limit of what I can take. Including morphine and lidocaine patches, which were also at threat of being withdrawn by NHS Tayside. My accupuncture was my lifleine. It reduced my pain enough for me to exist. I feel that your withdrawal of accupuncture services could have detrimental effects to not only myself, but all the clients who relied on their accupuncture sessions to exist. I would like this decision to be revied at a parliamentary level.

NHS Tayside, Dundee

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Reasons for signing

  • It's not only acupuncture they are stopping. They've stopped Iloprost for raynauds patients too - all while their Board give themselves a 10% pay rise 😡😡
  • withdrawal of accupuncture is going to be detrimental to my health


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there is to be a meeting at The Royal George Hotel on Tuesday 3rd of October at 7pm with Liz Smith MSP and Professor John Connell the chairman of NHS Tayside so that constituents may raise their concerns about the loss of certain services at NHS Tayside. This is a postive step. Please keep sharing this info so that all affected can attend.