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Work Permit relaxation for Chefs from the Indian sub-continent

Work Permit relaxation for Chefs from the Indian sub-continent

‘UK Indian restaurants are in crisis. Salary restrictions for Bangladeshi chefs have led to the closure of many businesses. We are calling for the UK government to institute a fair work permit system before it is too late for the curry industry. The current minimum qualification is £29,750, the UK national minimum wage for full time employees over 25 is £15,210!

Why is this important?

We must act now before the Country suffers terrible losses to this marvellous part of our culture.
Please get involved and help to preserve this culinary art that is enjoyed by millions.
World renowned chef, Tommy Miah MBE, has raised this petition at a crucial time for the UK Curry Industry.
"I have given my life’s work to promoting Indian cuisine in the UK. I will give my all to this campaign - please join me now by signing this petition."

How it will be delivered

Signature will be collected via printed petitions and via websites - our aims are to gather over 100,000 names in order to have this amendment debated in the House of Commons. When this goal is reached the petition will be presented to the House by a member of Parliament.

Reasons for signing

  • I have signed this petition to help improve the current Indian/Bangladeshi food industry and prevent business closures.


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