To: Wales Rugby Union

WRU Change your logo to the Welsh Dragon

WRU Change your logo to the Welsh Dragon

I would like to see the three feathers dropped from the team shirts, merchandise and website as it does not represent the Native country, it does however represent a history that we would rather forget.

Fyswn i yn hoffi weld y tair pluen i ael ei ollwng o'r crysau tîm, farsiandïaeth a'r wefan am fod nid yw'n gynrychioli'r wlad Brodorol , Mae o beth bynnag yn cynrychioli hanes a fysa ni well i anghofio .

Why is this important?

The reason removing the three feathers is important is because it's traced back to Edward the Black Prince; oldest son and heir to Edward III of England and therefore no connection to the native land. Having the feathers is a statement of English oppression and ownership - I find it offensive that it's being used instead of daffodils, leeks, the Red dragon or the Saint David's cross.

Y rheswm mae'n bwysig cael gwared o'r tair pluen yw oherwydd ei fod yn olrhain yn ôl i Edward y Tywysog Du ; mab hynaf ac aer i Edward y trydydd o Loegr ac felly tydi o ddim yn cysylltu efo'r wlad enedigol . Mae cael y tair pluen yn ddatganiad o ormes a pherchnogaeth Saeson - Dwi'n gweld hi'n sarhaus i ei ddefnyddio yn lle gennin Pedr, cennin, y ddraig Goch neu y groes Dewi Sant .

How it will be delivered

I will deliver them in person or get a representative to deliver them in my place if I am unable to do so myself.

Mi wna'i anfon nhw mewn person neu cael rywun sydd yn fy nghynrychioli os fedrai ddim mynd fy hun.

CF10 1NS

Reasons for signing

  • The first Welsh jerseys carried the leek, similarly to orher countries who proudly display shamrocks, red roses, silver ferns or thistles. Ingratiating themselves to the British establishment has always been a top priority for the WRU hierarchy and so ditching the leek for the Prince of Wales feathers was a natural step. Hopefully we can now show the world that we have matured enough as a nation to be able to drop this symbol of subservience.
  • Hefyd... U.debeb R.ygbi C.ymru.
  • The team has always been called the Red Dragons and if you asked the public if they could identify the logo of each home nations team, most would say 'Rose', 'Thistle', 'Shamrock', 'Dragon'! Time to make it official.


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