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To: You Gov Market Research

You Gov Poll Suggests Benefit Claimants Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

You Gov Poll Suggests Benefit Claimants Should Not Be Allowed To Vote

You Gov recently published a poll calling into question the right of benefit claimants to vote.

We demand You Gov retract and apologise for this poll.

Why is this important?

Benefit claimants are the largest section in society to be living in, or at risk of, poverty. This group of people are more likely to vote Labour.

Calling into question their right to vote undermines democracy and normalises the view held by many that they are separate underclass who simply do not count. This is an outrageous affront to free speech and would set a worryingly dangerous precedent, as other societal groups could then be denied a voice as a result.

Further clarity :
Same Difference ( shared a poll from You Gov market research stating the following ..

"Please say whether you think each of the following groups should or should not be allowed to vote in General Elections in the UK (Should be allowed to vote / Should NOT be allowed to vote / Don't know)

Non-British citizens living in the UK ;

British citizens currently serving jail sentences;

British citizens aged 16 and 17;

British citizens who receive more money from welfare benefits than they pay in taxes".

Reasons for signing

  • Something should be done stop
  • Its facism and dictatorship looming. Disgusting shameful dispicable dishonest disrespect for people and life everywhere and ordinary people. Pure disgusting divide and conquer tatics used to do it all. Brexit is equivalent to The TTIP just a name change to get TTIP in through a back door and TORY GOVERNMENT ARE HOODWINKING US ALL INCLUDING THE ONES WHO ARE CREATING POVERTY and deprivation in Uk and globally and Usa systems are all playing their game of monopoly.
  • Outrageous notion, a sign of a la k of integrity and knowledge of democracy and human rights!


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