To: Salford City Concil

Zebra crossing for our busy main road for safety

Zebra crossing for our busy main road for safety

We want a zebra crossing at our local shop on Liverpool road, Eccles.

Why is this important?

A little girl was ran over tonight in rush hour sadly she’s not the first this has happened to and may not be the last! A friend of ours was also ran over on that road in the same place couple years ago! There is a lot of children around this area as there is 2 primery schools on both sides not far from Liverpool road with also no school crossing (lolly pop).

We’d like as many people to help get the concil to do this!

For the safety of our community.

As a friend has spoke to a PCSO and was told they’d need more fatalities to happen to go ahead which I think is wrong!! I’d like for this to happen ASAP so nothing else awful happens !

How it will be delivered

Get as many signatures and take it to the council and community support officers.

Reasons for signing

  • I'm sick of busy roads with no proper crossing point. Drivers don't want to stop unless they have to, they won't all grind to a gentle stop to let pedestrians cross.
  • the little girl that got ran over was my little god sister 😭
  • Should have been done years ago


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