Save our libraries

Across the country our library services are being cut and libraries closed.

Our libraries are not only great sources of local knowledge, but often part of the backbone of our communities.

Is your local library under threat? If so you can start a campaign to save it here. Why not get in touch with other library campaigners from around the country to swap tips on how to save your library?

If you need some inspiration, read this great blog post about how 38 Degrees members helped save the library in Friern Barnet

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  • Save Leominster Library
    Herefordshire Council has proposed the closure of Leominster Public Library and Services. We, the undersigned, hereby call on Herefordshire Council to allow Leominster Public Library and Services to remain open to the public and managed by a professional librarian.
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    Created by Tom Harvey
  • Don't privatise the third floor of Cambridge Central Library
    Cambridge Central Library is one of the busiest public libraries in the UK, and its third floor currently houses a local studies collection, public computers, meeting rooms available to local groups at affordable community rates, and a popular cafe. Cambridgeshire County Council have recently proposed to cede much of this space to a multinational corporation named Kora (part of the Regus Group), which would use it to build a "Library Enterprise Centre" in partnership with the Council. Although the report detailing the proposal claims that this project will "support individual employment prospects and the growth of small local businesses", such support would be limited to those who could afford to pay for it. Libraries were founded on the principle of equal access for all, and retaining this principle is crucial to their continued role as levellers of inequality. We do not believe that a for-profit corporation can do the public sector's job without harming the principles of social provision and community spirit embodied by libraries. Additionally, UNISON Cambridgeshire County Branch have raised concerns about the Regus Group's history of unethical business practices, such as a 2008 relocation to Luxembourg to avoid paying taxes in the United Kingdom or a 2010 case of profiteering described by the British Property Federation as a “cynical move”. We do not want to see the public sector enter a partnership with a company with this kind of history. We urge Cambridgeshire County Council to consider alternative proposals that will retain the library's community focus, and we do not believe this to be incompatible with financially viable solutions. The proposal report acknowledges that there are alternative options that might "respond to community demand and be installed at lower cost". As members of the community the library serves, we demand that these be adequately explored before valuable community resources are lost for good.
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    Created by Claire Dylan
  • Save Hale Library
    Hale Library is more than a library its community space which is used by groups and all ages of the community. It has an area for displays & exhibitions It ha sa tourist information and important local what's on
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    Created by Hale CivicSociety
  • Save Cobbett Road Library
    Cobbett Road Library has been the heart of Bitterne Park and surrounding areas community for 75 years. It is a thriving library with 20+ community groups from Tai Chi to Toddler groups, Business Forum to Art Groups, Book groups to Coffee mornings. There are also regular evening talks and annual events such as the Christmas Fayre and Autumn Fayre. It is a haven for people of all ages, and we have many vulnerable people coming in to a friendly, safe space, with fantastic staff who know many people by name. Libraries such as Cobbett are moving with the times and offering more than just books, but also offering old fashioned face-to-face contact and community spirit which is so important for so many. We need to safeguard such treasures for future generations, as generations before us have.
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    Created by Rachel Hickman
  • Save Cardiff Library Service
    Cardiff Council is currently consulting on their proposed budget plans for 2015/16. These plans include a major attack on the city’s library service. Under the current proposals some libraries will stop receiving any council funding at all, which means that if “community groups” cannot be found to take over the running of Cathays, Radyr, Rhydypennau, Roath and Whitchurch libraries they will have to close completely. Others, such as the Central Library, Llandaff North & Fairwater will be forced to become “hubs” and share premises with officers administering and giving advice on housing benefit, council tax and loan services. Many of the Libraries already provide these services so the addition of these “hubs” would mean a non-efficient public library service. If Cardiff Council proceeds with its plan to continue running down the city’s library service, it will not only mean that less people in the city will be reading – it will be depriving residents of a place to meet and study, imposing further job losses on council staff, and making it harder for unemployed people to search for work. Rather than closing libraries or running them down by forcing them to share premises with other inappropriate services, the council should find a way of living up to its legal obligation to provide a comprehensive and efficient service throughout the city.
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    Created by Rick Eaglestone Picture
  • Save Bradford Libraries
    Bradford Council are currently conducting a "Libraries Review" and are proposing removing this vital service from some communities and reducing this in others. Libraries serve a vital educational purpose and provide access to anyone in the country. People from all ages and backgrounds use the service and it is a disgrace that the Council can cut this. The government says it is keen on improving education of young people but still allows Councils, like Bradford, to destroy the library service. Local libraries are the backbone of many villages and provide a fantastic range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, internet access and an information service on various things. Many are used as meeting places for local people and serve their communities well. The council have proposed branch libraries be run by volunteers and moving the location of these to much smaller impractical places including places of worship, community and private buildings. This could be as small as a few bookshelves in a local church or shop which could also be unmanned. This would seriously damage the education of both young and old by reducing access to books and educational material. These plans also include the complete removal of mobile and housebound services, both used by the most vulnerable and disabled people in the district. Without this service many residents would have no access to any books, the service is a lifeline to them. The mobile library also visits areas where local libraries have been axed in the past, so the loss of this would result in no library access in that area. The library service is a service we cannot afford to loose and we cannot stand around and let these highly paid MPs walk all over it. This is about loosing a necessity that our ancestors fought to have, it is about mass job losses and most importantly it is about the damage it will have on education of the people in the district. Do not let this happen. Sign our petition today and SAVE YOUR LIBRARY!
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    Created by Stephen Wilkinson Picture
  • Save Sefton Libraries
    On the 23rd of May this year it was decided by a Sefton council cabinet meeting that Orrell, Ainsdale, Churchtown, Litherland, Aintree, Birkdale and Crosby libraries would close. Whilst community proposals to save Aintree and Birkdale are under consideration, the closure of all seven libraries is still going ahead. These libraries are focal points in our communities and are used by people of all ages. They introduce children to books and the wider world and help everyone to stay up to date on local affairs. They are a vital resource for every single resident of Sefton. The council say that they’re still open to community takeovers - but time is running out. We want Councillor Moncur to halt the closures of these local libraries, and ensure that these services are available for generations to come.
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    Created by christine day
  • Keep Lincolnshire Libraries Open
    The Council plans to cut £2 million from the library budget by 2015. This will lead to the closure of 70% of our permanent libraries, and a reduction in opening hours, mobile library and home library services. Libraries are a focal point for the whole community. They are a diverse space where children learn to read, pensioners can go to socialise, and free internet access is provided for everyone. They provide access to education and the arts for everyone. We cannot afford to lose them. The County Council is currently holding a consultation to find out the experiences and opinions of local people. Once you’ve signed the petition, please fill out this Council survey to let the Council know how important your library is to you: For more information about the consultation and events where you can have your say, please check out this website: The Council plan to make their decision in September so we still have time! Please sign this petition now to show the Council how much we value our libraries and to apply pressure before the final decision is made.
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    Created by alan parker
  • No to Privatisation of Croydon's Libraries
    This is our last chance to save Croydon's libraries. When library closures were originally proposed just six libraries were under threat. The people of Croydon rallied together against the plans and more than twenty thousand people spoke out in support of our libraries through a public consultation. Residents’ views were ignored and the Council forged ahead with plans to privatise, slashing the library service via back door cuts to prepare for this process. The original divisive consultation made no mention of privatisation or outsourcing the library service. It only consulted on the closure of six rather than the whole network of 13 libraries. The public have never been consulted on the outsourcing of our library service, which is due to go through imminently. Serious concerns have been raised about the tendering process and the company which is due to run the libraries. Repeated requests for information have been refused. We have to let Croydon Council know that they cannot and must not ignore the wishes of the residents that they serve. If enough of us sign the petition we can force them to hold a debate on this issue so we can expose the truth and foster proper engagement and accountability: something sorely lacking in Croydon. The Council claims no buildings have or will be closed BUT a library is so much more than just a building. If we want our voice heard we must act NOW!
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    Created by Elizabeth Ash Picture
  • Stop the Cuts in Gateshead
    The gradual withdrawal of services will eventually mean the end of local democracy as the council becomes ever more pointless and powerless. For example as part of its budget proposals Gateshead City Council is proposing reduction of branch libraries to 12 and the withdrawal of professional support for 5 libraries which may or may not continue being run by volunteers. This comes on top of massive staff cuts last year and more proposed in the future. Local government may not be perfect but it's better than a mish mash of services provided by charity or multinational companies like G4s or SERCO.
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    Created by Dave Sh Picture